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Bombus impatiens (Bumble Bee) Genome Assembly 1.0, scaffolds

Showing 11.8 kbp from scf7180002755000, positions 950,300 to 962,100

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Bombus impatiens (Bumble Bee) Genome Assembly 1.0, scaffolds
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Acep_OGSv1.1Acep_OGSv1.1 detail
Amel_OGSv1.1Amel_OGSv1.0 detail
Dmel_OGS_r5.31Dmel_OGS_r5.31 detail
Hsal_OGSv3.3Hsal_OGSv3.3 detail
Lhum_OGSv1.1Lhum_OGSv1.1 detail
Nvit_OGSv1.2Nvit_OGSv1.2 detail
Pbar_OGSv1.1Pbar_OGSv1.1 detail
Swissprot_metazoaSwissProt detail
DNA/GC ContentDNA/GC_Content detail
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